Latex Clothing: From Fetishwear to Clothing for the Runway

Once an esoteric fetish, today latex clothing has become a sought-after fashion item appearing on runways around the world. This change, in which something seen as out of the ordinary has become a staple in the canon of fashion, reflects a broader industry-wide effort to collapse the boundaries between the avant-garde and the mainstream. With such an industry-wide focus on frontier materials, once exclusive periphery materials like latex have found a home on the world’s biggest stages. This piece delves into the slow mainstreaming of latex and offers tips on how best to wear this fashion-forward material. 

The Storming of Latex Fashion

Latex hails from rubber itself and has long been associated with the queer underground, its high-sheen finish and molded, second-skin fit offering a gender-neutral, futurist segment of beauty that is both striking and alluring. As the fashion world played with material and form and began to take itself less seriously, latex joined the show. Soon enough, latex was everywhere from blockbuster music videos to red carpets, worn by headline magazine celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga.

Challenging Ideas of the Fetish every day

One of the first things to go when wearing your latex in public may be your pride. From the avant-garde to the every day, latex has been experiencing a makeover; from dresses to accessories, this material has become even more universal since the runway boom. The rise of designers such as Atsuko Kudo has been pivotal in this transition; her presentations allow audiences to see just how elegant latex can be. 

 Latex for All Occasions 

Casual Cool Believe it or not, latex can be a relaxed look. You can pair a rubber skirt with a soft cotton T-shirt for an easy outfit that has just enough edge. If you’re worried about this look clashing with your style, you can add just as much latex as you are comfortable with -even something as small as a belt or bracelet can be a great place to start. 

Evening Glamour 

Rubber dresses have been sashaying down quite a few red carpets in the past year so don’t be surprised to see more and more people in the crowd taking this look to their next formal event. If you’re going to take the plunge into a latex formal dress, try to find one that hugs your body but doesn’t go overboard. On the other hand, you can practice moderation if you’re still feeling like it’s too much of a stretch – to mix and match, pair latex with other fabrics to knock a little sexiness up a few notches. Wear a latex pencil skirt with a silk blouse or a cropped top with a latex skirt and see where your imagination can take you. 

Care and Maintenance

Latex is a special material so you should be mindful of it when you wash it. Use lukewarm water and a few drops of a mild detergent to take care of your rubber. After washing, you will want to pat dry the garment with a soft towel and hang it to dry. Do not hang your latex in direct sunlight. Store any latex clothing in a cool, dark cupboard after lightly dusting it with talcum powder to prevent sticking and discoloration.

The Future of Latex Fashion 

As the future of fashion continues to develop, the possibilities for latex clothing seem to grow by the line. New material technology and design are allowing latex to become more wearable and comfortable in a wider array of climates and environments. The fact that latex outfits were once exclusive fetish wear, and are now gracing the most revered of runways is an exciting look at how the fashion industry can change and grow. 

Limited mindsets about what materials are proper, or what items are acceptable, are being broken down, as latex and other fashion items become more and more expounded upon. Therefore, it seems that latex provides a valuable lesson in the fact that fashion is as limiting as we make it. 

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