Mastering the Art of Styling a Latex Pencil Skirt

The latex pencil skirt – is an expression of sensuality, elegance, and power. While it may seem confrontational, give it time and it will become a bold statement in your wardrobe. The possibilities are endless. From the everyday to glamorous nights out to fashion week you will be able to wear and style your latex pencil skirt.

We love to take an evening statement piece and make it daytime casual. Pairing a latex pencil skirt with an oversized sweater in a neutral color is a look that will keep you classy and not cartoony. By mixing the textures and having the balance of tight fitting and loose the look will be fashionable. An ankle boot or sneaker would work well with this outfit, while we think you are savvy we need to warn you that a heel would be a bit too sexy for the daytime. Finish the look with a statement necklace or a big pair of earrings.

Tuck in your top and add a skinny belt to emphasize the waist. Finish it off with classic pointed-toe pumps or heeled loafers and a structured handbag to keep your look sleek and professional. Keep your latex skirt strong from morning to night. Go ahead – throw on a coat and head to dinner once the sun goes down. Pair a shiny latex pencil skirt with a sleek, form-fitting bodysuit or crop top. Whatever you wear, look for something tight but relatively free of wrinkles so your skirt will be your outfit’s star feature. If your skirt has a glossy finish, pair it with a top made of something matte, such as silk or satin because the contrast will look super luxe.

Keep it casual with a low-key crop top, a laid-back tee, or an easy piece from your sweat-set collection. Throw a denim jacket or classic leather coat on top, and a cotton blazer. And, let’s not forget those statement scars, hoops, and ankle strap heels.

The secret to mastering fashion’s naughtiest trend? Keep the rest of your outfit simple. Need some inspiration? Check out these effortlessly chic looks above. Go full-on grunge-inspired glamour with bold makeup and tousled hair for an eye-catching look that will turn heads wherever you go.

When it comes to incorporating one into professional wear, styling must be subtle and balanced. A latex skirt can take on an executive demeanor when paired with a contrasting crisp blazer. The blazer will not only add structure to the outfit but will also break up all the shine and soften its message. Additionally, a light high-neck blouse or a turtleneck will keep the outfit conservative for the office. Add court heels or flats in contrasting colors to balance out the shine. The accessories should be minimal and elegant—you could wear sleek-looking pearl earrings or a simple gold watch. The bag could be a large tote to fit all your essentials while matching the formal look as well. In your office outfit, the latex skirt will be the only source of attention; everything else should be conservative and refined.

Romanticize your latex pencil skirt by pairing it with a delicate lace blouse or chiffon top. Opt for soft pastel shades or blooming floral prints to play up the ethereal aesthetic. Throw on a statement belt to cinch the waist and create curves, and an elegant pair of strappy sandals or ballet flats to finish off the look. Do your best dainty jewelry and a clutch to create a whimsical look that’s perfect for date night or a day at the garden party.

The latex pencil skirt is a versatile and bold statement piece that can be styled in a million and one different ways to match both the outfit and the occasion. Feel like casual chic, office elegance, a night of glamour, or edgy elegance maybe with a little feminine twist? Then, the perfect piece couldn’t be further from your grasp! Express yourself through your outfits and experiment, and, remember, the best accessory to power dressing is confidence and with that on your side, you can look great in just about anything!

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